Binary Alternatives System for Linux/Unix

Welcome to the LXA project homepage.

Here you find the program files for lxa as presented at the 10th Linux Kongress in Saarbrücken, October 14-16, 2003. Also intended as project homepage.

Download a (very!) beta release (almost feature complete): lxa-0.1.tgz
Thanks to Harald König for pointing out after my talk that the Python scripts used in lxa cause trouble with Python 2.3; apparently the new version does not like the "ß" non-ascii character in my last name. For Python 2.3 you will have to add a special content-encoding comment to get rid of the warnings.

You can also fetch the slides of my talk at the Linux Kongress (gzip-compressed pdf file). As to the submitted paper, I guess this will appear on the Linux Kongress website soon.

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